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Acrylic nails are artificial nails that are designed to protect your own nails while making

them stronger and more beautiful.


Shellac nails are cured in a UV light so there is zero dry time. It strengths natural nails and provides a resilient mirror finish that resists dulling and chipping. There is no damage to your real nails during the application and it soaks off in just minutes. Enjoy at least 2 weeks of perfect nails with a high gloss shine.


The revolutionary, odorless and quick UV curing gel nails are softer than acrylic and will not turn yellow. They work with your natural nails, bending rather than breaking.

Your beautifully finished nails will be sealed with a high gloss look.


Perfect for clients who want beautiful nails without the time. Strong, durable and non yellowing, they look and feel completely natural and last until the next fill-in without lifting. The nails are buffed to give your nails a natural pink and white ambiance with “no polish involved”.


In this process, acrylic or gel is applied to your natural nails. The material is then lengthened and sculpted over metal or foil. To finish, your nail technician smooths out the nail surface and applies polish of your choice. No plastic nails involved.